New finishing sample: an even more complete service for interior designers

Recently we have paid a strong attention to interior designers and decorators, giving them a reserved area on our website where they can find the catalog "Design", which lists and describes all available finishes for our classic and luxury furniture. In the same reserved area, designers can download all the textures and models for the creation of 3D drawings. Something was still missing: the possibility to touch, to experience directly the almost endless combinations of colors, styles and effects.
To meet this need, and unleash the full potential of imagination and personalization, we decided to create a new sample collection: a "palette" starting from which the professionals who work with us can even more and even better compisizioni create unique and wonderful. The sample colletion will be avaible in two different size: the big one for showrooms and stores, and the little one for interior designers and decorators.
If you are an interior designer and want to receive our samples, sign up in the reserved area and contact us!