Classic interior design for the kitchen, the living room and the sleeping area

To properly furnish an house with classic decor, professionality experience are required. First thing you need to knowois that the house is always divided into three main functional areas, in which we can find some similarities and many differences.
The living area is the most representative part of the house and defines the style that you want to show to others. For the living room furniture, like for dining rooms an home studies, you must pay close attention to the color and materials combinations: the harmony of these areas is the one that most, in the eyes of our guest, represents the owner.
For the classic living zone furniture we have to pay particular attention in the management of lighting and in determining the heights of doors and ceilings. Variables to determine carefully in order to get a continuous element of surprise: a study always conducted from the perspective of the guest.
The kitchen is a very important part of the house. It is the real "laboratory" in which we prepare, and sometimes eat, the food. Lunch and dinner are not only occasions of family aggregation, but even circumstances in which it is easier to create business. Because of that, classic kichens must satisfy the lifestyle of the owner: this lifestyle is in fact the definition of owner's intimacy, as well as of his hospitality. Two words to remember: functionality and style. Getting these two objectives can fulfill the aesthetic function of representation and get an environment perfectly suited to everyday life.
The sleeping area is often located at a higher plane. Basically is composed of bedrooms with, if space allows, walk-in closet and toilet. This is the most intimate part of the house, a place that hardly will see the arrival of guests. We must choose the style of furnishings looking at what makes us feel better, in the most intimate and reassuring way. Particular attention should be paid however in choosing the colors, which can affect the mental and physical balance, tissues, a key element of sensory experience, and in determining the lighting.
We will study more deeply how to manage the furniture of the several areas. We do not want to limit ourselves to physically create the furniture of the house, we want to use the experience of our group of designers, architects and engineers to suggest the most creative, functional and aesthetically correct ideas to furnish your house.