Italian style furniture

With our customised designs and expert workmanship, we transform the highest quality raw materials into unique, harmonious living spaces: beautiful to look at and to live in.


The project ESSENZA perfectly combines Martini’s capabilities of producing custom products with contemporary lines. Using exotic woods such as rosewood or ebony, metal inserts, wooden carcasses and modern lines, give a strong attitude to the project ESSENZA, as like as all the luxury furnishings by Martini.


Our kitchen furniture offers a combination of expert planning, customised designs and the latest technology, carefully blending a warm, welcoming atmosphere with efficiency and ease of use.

Sleeping area

This is the most intimate and romantic area of the home, a place of dreams and emotions. Our bedrooms are designed for rest and relaxation, created with the very highest quality materials to ensure you enjoy a unique sensory experience.

Living Area

The living area is the part of the home dedicated to sociability and hospitality. It should therefore express the personality of the owner, and communicate this feeling to his guests: attracting and delighting them.