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The world is vast, full of special people and extraordinary places, magnificent colours and surprising sensations. Let’s imagine that we can unite the character and personality of every place and every person in a complete furnishing project, which knows how to bring out every form of individuality with taste and style, creating real emotions.


Italian style in the kitchen. A personal and evocative kitchen, full of emotions, in which the "classic" becomes a distinctive feature.


Cultural meetings, public meetings, private meetings, business meetings, amorous meetings. MARTINI, to experience the living area according to your personality, in historical or modern architectural spaces, with classic or contemporary styles, but always respecting the culture and the lifestyle of those who live it.


The Italian style in the night area. A collection to interpret the intimate affective nature of the sleeping area, making it more personal and evocative, satisfying desires and formal beauty. Bedrooms with classic style and sophisticated elegance.


Every house has its own unprecedented, personal, eve-changing story. The space and furnishings are full of memories and sensations and tell the story of the people who live in it.

Il Canto del Fuoco

With its “Il Canto del Fuoco” programme, Martini Mobili gives its customers a tool for personalising their kitchens in line with new furnishing trends expressing different lifestyles.



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